10 Foods that are Trying to Kill You

10 Foods that are Trying to Kill You

10 Foods that are Trying to Kill You

What do diabetes, cancer, acne, high blood pressure and asthma all have in common?  INFLAMATION.

According to Web MD, inflammation is “the process by which the body’s white blood cells and the substances they produce protect us from infection from foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses.”  That is all well and good, when our bodies are working well and good.  But sometimes our immune systems go rogue and start getting all battle-happy, shooting inflaming chemicals at any and all things in it’s path (which is your entire body, btw.)

Oftentimes, things that aggrevate your immune system are bad things, like stress, air pollution and illness.  But there are also wolves in sheep’s clothing that we need to be aware of.  These agitators are the worst.  They are the worst of the worst!  A big part of what makes them so dangerous is how gosh darn good they are.  Here is a list of foods that are delicious and addictive, and are slowly and sweetly trying to kill you:

  1. Sugar–this food is not only dressed as a wolf, it has a siren song as well.  There is no food in the American diet that causes more inflammation than sugar.  Most Americans are in a constant state of hyperglycemia, which dysregulates the immune system and feeds diseases like cancer.  Trust me, I love the stuff, but to give you a picture of it’s destructiveness and the damage it can do, pretend that Crack and DrainO had a baby.  It would be called sugar.
  2. Wheat–I know!  I know!  Now I have just gone too far!  Unfortunately, wheat, because of gluten, is known as the second most inflammatory food.  In an article by Medical News Today, “new research reveals that a family of proteins that are in wheat might well be responsible for activating inflammation in chronic health conditions such as MS, asthma and Rheumatoid arthritis.”  In a different article from NIH It said, “a protein found in wheat creates permeability in the gut, creating pro-inflammatory activity of the innate immune system.  Put that together with sugar and we might as well be eating a bomb:(
  3. Dairy–this is such a hard blog post to write because all of these foods make me so, so happy.  Not a day goes by that I don’t grieve the loss of dairy.  It is the ultimate comfort food, making the foods it is in creamy and mild and rich.  BUT.  There is so much about milk that wreaks havoc on our bodies:  the way it is processed, hormones given to the cows, drugs given to the cows, unhealthy things fed to the cows.  All of these factors are passed down from the cow, to our milk, to the cheese on our pizzas.  In addition, it makes our body’s pH into an acidic one.  Inflammation does a happy dance and diseases grow with glee in an acidic body.

Now, by this point, you may be ready to break my fingers for sharing this info with you, but there is more to add to my list.  Here are 7 more inflammatory foods we should all avoid:

4.  Vegetable oils and Fried Foods–these are high in inflammatory fats, omega-6, and low in anti-inflammatory fats, omega-3.

5.  Artificial anything–these are high in chemicals and carcinogens.

6.  Barley and Rye–they contain gluten, like wheat.

7.  Grain-fed meats–because of the inflammatory properties of the grains themselves as well as the chemicals placed on the grains when farming.

8.  Processed Meats–let’s be honest.  Literal garbage goes into these meats, which is then covered up with artificial flavors and colors, which covers up the fact you are eating garbage.

9.  Nightshades–this is the vegetable family that contains tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant.

10.  Red meats in excess

I wish I could say I have this mastered and that I slayed the sugar beast.  I wish I could tell you that I no longer have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.  This is tough stuff.  It requires thinking outside of the box and putting in the extra work to make healthy foods.  It requires retraining your taste buds and changing what you expect from food.  You might even have to rethink social situations, like where you go on Friday nights for dinner or if you should order pizzas from Dominoes or make ones at home.  This is tough and the truth is, none of this is fun, but then again, neither is cancer.


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